The Lost 45s of Sudan


So, yeah, I was getting ready to work on this year’s ShellacHead Annual when I realized I hadn’t posted a damn thing since last year’s Annual! Wow, I guess 2015 went by pretty quick. I’ve mostly been working on recording an album with my rock band, SKUNK, but I’ve still been collecting old records and fantasizing about various reissue projects. I promise to try to make 2016 a bit more exciting here at ShellacHead.

This year’s Annual is worth the wait though – 15 super rare tracks from Sudan’s Munsphone label. Go ahead and look on Ebay for a Sudanese 45, there’s one there right now for $500. Take a look on the collecting site Discogs. Yep, there’s one there too and the asking price is $1000. Suffice it to say, these are much sought-after records! The records are difficult to find and so is information about the Munsphone label or the artists, but I’ve included what I know in a downloadable pdf.