SEVEN INCHES OF LOVE (ShellacHead Annual 2013)


I’ve been slacking on posting to the blog lately, Kassidat and Longing for the Past took a lot of my record-related energy this year. But I did want to get something out there to wrap up the year, so I now present the lengthily-titled SEVEN INCHES OF LOVE: Twenty Obscure 45 rpm Records from Around the World (ShellacHead Annual 2013)! I had a lot of problems with hosting last year’s Annual on various free services, so this time around I’ll be making the compilation available via Bandcamp. It’ll be free for the first couple of months, but you can throw me a few bucks if you feel like contributing to the cause.

It’s with a sense of irony that ShellacHead is presenting an all vinyl compilation. It’s hard to argue with the antiquarian allure of old 78s, but there are plenty of 45s with intense, hardcore traditional music. Here are twenty heavy tracks from my 45 rpm collection, centered around Africa, the Middle East, and nearby locales, plus a few side trips. None have been re-issued, as far as I know. I’ve included a printable CD cover/tracklist and a booklet with some brief comments and full color sleeve images if you want. This collection should make a good spin for your New Year’s Eve party party, although things might get a bit weird. The 2012 Annual is available through Bandcamp as well, for a nominal fee.